Record Is Out, And It’s Sweet.

You May Speak

Propellerhead's Record entered "open beta" yesterday, and the P-heads released beta testers from the NDA clause that barred us from speaking publicly about using Record.

Probably, you've heard the hyperbole (exempli gratia, Propellerhead's Mojave-Experiment-style viral video campaign) and the admittedly mild controversies regarding the the decision to use a dongle-based copy protection scheme and the lack of third-party plugin support (sorry, no VSTs, dude).

Well, finally, you can hear the experience of users, and I suspect you'll discover that the consensus opinion is as follows: Record brilliantly extends the Reason paradigm (dead-simple interface design; diamond-solid stability, and peerless CPU efficiency) to computer audio recording, editing, and mixing.

Awesome, So Sign Me Up!

Not quite. The editing tools are elegant but real basic–no normalize or reverse, no Melodyne-style pitch correction, no Live-style time warping (although an impressively smooth timestretch algo is included). But in some ways, that's the point, isn't it? Record is a recording app, not a sound design studio. Propellerhead seems better than most at releasing and maintaining simple, focused software by avoiding feature creep and intentionally not keeping up with the Joneses.

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